Redwood Newsmakers: The Critics and Griffin Loch


This Fortuna based alternative rock band is riding a wave of popularity and winning audiences everywhere they go. We asked the band some questions.

Redwood News: “Sergio, the Critics have really taken on since your first show for the Fortuna Skate Park fundraiser. What’s it been like over these two years?”

The Critics: “A lot of hard work, a lot of dedication and love for a craft.”

Redwood News: “Josh, can you describe the band’s sound?”

The Critics: “It’s definitely a more traditional alternative sound, reminiscent of, like, the Foo Fighters. Queens of Stone age, Arctic Monkeys. The strokes been like that. It’s definitely catchy. If you listen to it, you’ll definitely want to listen again.”

Redwood News: “Ethan, your debut album released Miserable and melodramatic, launched last year. what is the radio airplay like now?”

The Critics: “Pretty good. Still, we’re still getting a constant amount of streams. We were fortunate enough to get onto a couple of playlists that we were able to see, just from fans adding and stuff. We also dropped one of our songs where you went nationally, and that got some good traction. We’ve had a couple of blogs all over the world, honestly, it’s been pretty neat to see that, like feedback come back so fast. It’s insane.”

Redwood News: “You compose a ton of music. What’s the creative process like with the band?”

The Critics: “It’s very collaborative and relaxed. And I think that, we’ve all played together long enough to kind of see how much opportunity there is for our different dynamics. So, like, you know, shine when they need to shine and for us to bring it sounds in and out of our songs, depending on what they feel like, they call for it. We’ve got all kinds of material that we’re just super excited to get out there one way or another.”

Their video director Griffin Loch told us about the premiere showing.

Griffin Loch:
Yes, it’s very exciting because now all of you can join us at the premiere and live show. The critics are going to be playing an all original set. It’s much more of a film than a music video. And, I’ve actually coined the term a Movie Video because of its cinematic nature and the fact that it tells much more of a narrative story than your usual music video would. And so it’s very exciting because it’s making this kind of new form of music video that I think could be very popular.”