How to keep your pets safe this Independence Day


The Fourth of July can be a stressful holiday for your furry friends. Damian Morton, owner of Fin-n-Feather Pet Shop, spoke to Redwood News about the holiday and pets.

“This is definitely the most stressful time of the year for all dogs and cats,” Morton said.

From fireworks to parties, loud noises can cause anxiety and stress in your pets. This can lead to animals running away or having health issues.

“We hate to hear the next day how many animals freaked out or had a seizure or got lost,” Morton said. “We just always want to make sure that they’re as comfortable as possible.”

There are several ways to ensure your furry buddies are calm, comfortable and safe this Independence Day. Megan Nims, a senior Animal Control officer with the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, gave some tips.

“Leading up to 4th of July, you want to make sure that your dog is tired out. Make sure it gets plenty of exercise that day so that it’s ready to just hunker down in a crate that night,” Nims said. “If you can, stay home with your pets.

“Creating a safe little space in your house,” Morton said. “Whether it’s a closet or a laundry room and just creating a spot where you can just feed treats to your dog all night where they have their blanket, it’s kind of calm, even white noise.”

If that’s not enough, pet supply shops such as Fin-N-Feather in Eureka offer other options.

“We have a wide variety of stuff. The number one thing is we have a product called Chill Out by Super Snouts. It’s a mixture of CBD, tryptophan and chamomile and it works good to have your animals chill out for a little bit,” Morton said. “We also have dog tags.”

“You want to make sure that they’re wearing a collar and tags with updated information,” Nims said.

You also want to update your microchip info online.

“A microchip is not a tracking device,” Nims said. “It has a number on it that we can call the company and get owner information from that. You can get a microchip from your veterinarian or, I know Sequoia Humane Society does it.”

So what if your pet winds up getting out? Or if you find a lost pet?

“If you lose or find a dog on 4th of July, you can post them on Humboldt Paws Cause and call the shelter,” Nims said. “It’s important to keep an up to date photo of your pet so you can post it on Humboldt Paws Cause.”

Be sure to check your local pet store for supplies to prepare your pet for 4th of July.