Blue Lake Community Resource Center helps more than 150 households


We stopped by the Community Resource Center in Blue Lake to check out the clothing giveaway and to speak to some organizers. Molly Homen, senior community service coordinator at the Blue Lake Community Resource Center, spoke to Redwood News about the event.

“This is our monthly mobile produce and clothing giveaway event. This happens on the fourth Thursday of each month from 10 to one,” Homen said. “Food for People is here, and they bring their produce truck and they give out free bags of fresh produce to whoever wants one. There’s no income qualifications for their produce.”

Also at the event were several tables for different services such as the department of health and human services.

It takes some preparation to put on a giveaway like this.

“The Resource Center collects clothing donations throughout the week from community members. We collect the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, before the fourth Thursday,” Homen said. “So all of the clothes that you see here were gathered in three days. We have volunteers that can sort them all, make sure everything is clean and organized and then we just invite people to come take whatever they want. There’s no limitations. If somebody needs it, they’re welcome to take it.”

This recurring event helps more than 150 households each month.

“This event is like a community fan favorite. This is the event that everybody looks forward to,” Homen said. “We get multiple calls throughout the month about it. People are excited to donate clothes and give back to the community. And people are also really excited to come see what’s here. It’s like a treasure hunt and it’s a nice way to reduce, reuse and recycle and pass things along when you don’t need it.”

The event shows the true spirit of the community.

Shelby Roberts, an AmeriCorps, talked to Redwood News about why she does this kind of work.

“Working in Blue Lake is something that I wanted to do to branch out and get a different community lens because it’s so much different than Eureka,” Roberts said. “I just wanted to get that experience and I really love it.”

“Community connection and supporting one another. We just need to come together as a community and help.”

The Blue Lake Community Resource Center specializes in connecting community members to resources that they otherwise may not realize are available.

To learn more or get involved, call (707) 668-4281 or click here.