Critters Without Litters celebrates their grand opening


The Critters without Litters Spay and neuter clinic is having their grand opening July 1st. Humboldt Humane, a local nonprofit, runs the clinic.

Kari Crockett, executive director of Humboldt Humane, spoke to Redwood News about the clinic.

“Critters without litters is a vision that all came from Humboldt Humane, wanting to make sure our mission of ensuring that all animals have a loving home and the way we’re able to help do that is by helping with the pet population issues and our spaying and neutering so that there are not unwanted litters,” Crockett said. “Therefore, the name Critters without litters.”

And the bench she was sitting on is actually helping them provide these services.

“This bench was built for us, and it’s a redwood bench,” Crockett said. We’ve been fundraising for our spay it forward program.”

Because of donations critters without litters is able to offer spay and neuter services at a reduced cost to you.

“We are open for everybody, there are no income limits,” Crockett said. “When there is financial assistance available through different voucher programs, some of those do require you to be a certain income level, some do not. We try to help everybody and anybody.”

The reason for it all isĀ  love for furry friends.

“We would not be in this if we didn’t love animals,” Crockett said. “We are here for the love of the animals, the love of the community. Any time we help any community cat, feral cat and we’re helping our own community.”

There are lots of ways to get involved.

“We are always looking for volunteers,” Crockett said. “We also ask for not only monetary donations, but also donations of we’re always looking for newspapers, Litter, canned cat or dog food. We also are always looking for towels and right now we’re putting out a plea out for some sheets.”

The clinic will perform its first procedures July 2nd and is located at 307A Fernbridge Dr.