Dennis Wendt Firework show happens tonight at Newberg Park


The Dennis Wendt firework show is happening at Newberg Park on July third in Fortuna.

“To make this happen, we have over 60 spots for vendors today. So, I think we have 22 just in food, and then we have other craft vendors, bounce houses and mechanical bulls and all of that. And so basically, it’s just kind of carefully planning, mapping everything out and getting it ready”, says Tina Taylor, Co Chair of the Newberg Park fireworks. 

The fireworks crew has been setting up all day in preparation at Newburg Park.  

“We’ve been using Pyro Spectacular for the last 16 years. And what they do is they put all their fireworks in a big budget truck and they spend the night down here and go out and set up, and it takes most of the day to put all the fuses together and get the boxes and everything ready to go”, Taylor says. 

Festivities at 5:30pm and fireworks start at dark, which normally happens around 10pm. 

“So, parking in the field is on Rohnerville road to the left. When they come in through a town and it’s $5 per car. And to get into the festival, it’s free. We have three hours of unlimited activities for kids. They have to get a wristband and sign a liability waiver. And then we have 15 bounce houses, two mechanical bulls”, she said. 

Don’t bring your dogs as this is an event that might scare them, and alcohol is also not advised. 

“Save that for tomorrow. We also have fire dancers happening at 8:00, and then the DJ puts this giant dance party on and does lights all over the field”, says Taylor. 

The firework show is in honor of Dennis Wendt, a Fortuna local who threw a celebration for his employees every third of July. 

“He’s no longer with us. But like I said, his foundation continues to do good work. His construction company is still doing and building more money for that foundation”, says Loren Martin, friend of Wendt and member of American Legion Walker valley post 205. 

At the fireworks stand outside the VFW in Fortuna, you can scan the QR code on the fireworks to learn more about what you’re purchasing, as there are a lot of new fireworks this year.

“Always set your fireworks off on a cement surface. always carry a bucket of water, to pour on your fireworks and douse them.  And, don’t let children run around with fireworks going in their hands. We don’t want to lose any fingers this year”, he said. 

Story by Tucker Caraway