Jamming out at the Arcata 4th of July Jubilee


The Jubilee featured music, food, vendors and activities for kids. There was a drum circle, bouncy castles and the classic snacks. And all waste was properly disposed of thanks to bright and green.

Tara Groswird, a community member, spoke to Redwood News about the

“Happy 4th of July! We’re out here at the Jubilee at the Plaza, and we are having a great time, Groswird said. “There’s music and toys and activities. We decided to deck out in 4th of July apparel today. We got flag earrings and shirts and dresses. We were going to go look at face painting and just enjoy this and have a beautiful day.”

And the best part of community events like these: seeing so many smiling faces. Trece Turner, another community member, told us about that.

“It’s kind of been fun just meeting different people from the area, the fire department, the baseball players. We saw them on the plaza and then the local folks as well,” Turner said.

The vibe was very family and community-oriented. With all of the festivities, it was hard not to have a good time at the Jubilee.