14 injured in Crescent City from private fireworks show


Last night, just before 10:30pm, 14 people were injured by flying debris at a private firework show in crescent city. We spoke to the crescent city fire chief to learn more about what happened. 

“What we do know is about 1000ft south of Anchor Way. We got reports and response needed for multiple patients after an explosion. Obviously fireworks. I believe Del Norte Sheriff’s responded and arrived there first. Right away, they were kind of inundated with 4 to 6 patients that were injured. They started trying to treat people and figure out what was going on”, says Kevin Carey, Crescent City Fire Chief. 

The culprit is still to be determined. Authorities suspect the cause of the explosion was illegal fireworks. 

“They were likely illegal. We don’t know the specifics and exact information on what occurred, but there’s fake misinformation out there as far as online”, he said.

All of the ambulances in Del Norte county were called to the scene last night. 

“At that point, we basically break into Del Norte, the ambulance handling the medical branch side of things. So they began triaging, checking for patients. The fire side of things is assisting with medical, but we were more setting up the incident and trying to, you know, figure out what was going on, how many more patients were coming out, what happened, and then also mitigating any further explosions or fire problems”, 

“We saw and treated 14 patients. I believe eight people went to the hospital, one of those of which was a critical patient with the injuries”, Carey says.

Story by Tucker Caraway