2024 Lost Coast Kennel Club Dog Show is happening in Ferndale

The Lost Coast Kennel Club of California is holding their annual dog show at the Humboldt County Fairgrounds this weekend, and over 100 breeds are in attendance. 

“Our mission is to promote the purebred dog and the ability to have well-bred purebred, not backyard bred dogs. Backyard bred dogs end up in shelters. So we love our rescue dogs. We love our purebred dogs. They’re bred for a purpose. I have a dog that herds, she’s bred for that. And I have a Jack Russell mix and he hunts rats. That’s what he does best”, says Debora Lake, President of the Lost Coast Kennel Club. 

The show holds a variety of events all weekend. 

“We’re doing several different things here today. We’re doing conformation, which is the beauty contest of dogs. And out in the middle of the field, we have fast CAT, which is a 100 yard dash with lure chasing. And then this afternoon we are doing farm dog testing. The Lost Coast Kennel Club covers all kinds of dog show sort of events, not just a beauty contest”, says Lake. 

The Farm Dog event certifies dogs of all breeds to be the most helpful companions. 

“Farm dog is an orchestrated event, 12 behaviors the dogs have to do. There’s no herding involved in it. Your dog has to be able to be on a loose leash, work with you cooperatively, and you go and meet livestock.You have to be able to ask your dog to control the livestock. We ask the dog to get onto bales of straw,” says Lake.

All breeds are welcome to join the Farm Dog event.

“We have Irish wolfhounds doing it. I think of those dogs as big hunting dogs to go hunt wolves in Ireland. Right? Well, anyway, Irish wolfhounds down to the shepherds and what you usually think of as farm dogs, but all breed dogs. All breeds of dogs and mixed dogs are welcome to do that event”, she said. 

The Kennel Club also helps local law enforcement fight crime. 

“Have you seen in Fortuna or Crescent City or Humboldt County Sheriff’s canines that are in their vehicles? We sponsor those canines and we facilitate the acquisition of those canines for our law enforcement”, says Lake.

The event continues until July 8.

“We would love to have you come here. Admission is free. The only thing that is charged for is our parking is $5.And that goes to the Soroptimist Club for their scholarship program. So it’s well worth the $5 parking fee to walk in”. 
Story by Tucker Caraway