Packed Beaches, Soaring Inland Temperatures on one of Northwest California’s Hottest Weekends Ever


Locals fleeing the hot temperatures and tourists visiting the area—– flocked to local beaches this weekend.

The heat wave across the area made the cool ocean water the perfect place to be for many.  Saturday, July 6th May have been the hottest day ever in Northwest California according to the National Weather Service.

In Humboldt County, Notchko tied its previous all-time record of 117.  other hottest temperatures on record across the county Saturday include 116 in Redway, 114 in Hoopa and 113 in Alderpoint.  

Several locations were just behind their previous record, including Big Bar which hit 118 and Hayfork at 113.

Northern Humboldt interior and interior Trinity county are under an excessive heat warning through at least Monday at 8pm.  NOAA notes dangerously hot conditions with widespread highs of 110 and some isolated valleys nearing 120 degrees Fahrenheit

There is relief to be found as the sun sets with overnight lows still hitting the 60s/70s. 

The many lakes and reservoirs across the north coast area also saw relatively low water temperatures compared to the high temperatures brought on by the heat wave. Water temperatures in the area remained refreshing with ruth lake at 72 degrees, trinity lake at 74 degrees and coastal temperatures deceptively cold, with water temperature Sunday at south beach in crescent city at 54 degrees Fahrenheit, which is slightly warmer than the water at moonstone beach south of Trinidad, which was 53 degrees Sunday. The sand appeared to be very hot, while the water was deceptively cold, with ocean temperatures at moonstone beach Sunday hovering at 53 degrees Fahrenheit.

The beach was so packed over the weekend that parking tickets were given out, with a local mentioning it was the first time he remembers them ever giving out tickets at moonstone, as he carried a surfboard up the road Sunday, the parking lot was packed and cars were again parked all the way up to scenic drive, lining the street.  it seems the idea was in the air as all the beaches along scenic drive were also packed.

Relief is within sight, as the excessive heat warnings are set to end and temperatures across the area area forecast to drop five to ten degrees inland by thurday, and another few degrees lower by next Sunday.

No word yet on beach parking relief, though.