Eureka DMV finds new home in former Harley-Davidson location


The Eureka DMV is looking to relocate from the Bayshore Mall to the former Redwood Harley-Davidson off Highway 101.

The move comes before the Planning Commission which looks to approve the project.

Construction is underway at the location, looking to play host to the DMV. The Bayshore Mall was a temporary location when the DMV moved in back in November 2019.

It was a far cry from its former location on West 15th and Union Streets near Caltrans and Food for People. A date for the move hasn’t been set, because the planning commission has to approve it.

This comes as the DMV made some big changes this year.

To renew your vehicle registration or driver’s license, drivers must do that online, at a DMV kiosk, or through the mail. Other services moved online are replacement licenses and records requests.

The new space will also house a workshop for the building’s owners the Pierson Company.

We asked viewers what they thought of the plan on our Facebook page.

Some called it an inconvenience with viewers saying “Totally out of the way especially if you have to walk inconvenience us some more!” and “seems slightly harder for people with business there but are without a driver’s license since the buses don’t stop there.”

Another appreciated the move saying “I like the idea plus it’s closer to my house and I’m selfish that way.”

And a viewer said that “Parking would certainly be better” than compared to the mall.

Redwood News reached out to the City of Eureka’s Planning Commission and Pierson Company for further details but didn’t hear back from them at this time of reporting.

The Redwood Harley-Davidson location closed its doors last year, moving 140 miles away to Redding.