Dan Romano

Chief Meteorologist Dan Romano’s passion for weather began when he was very young. When asked by his first-grade teacher why he loves his parents so much, Dan answered, “Because they let me watch the Weather Channel instead of cartoons.” 

Dan joined Redwood News in June after spending more than five years as the weekend meteorologist in Duluth, Minn. During his time at WDIO/WIRT, Dan earned numerous awards as a reporter writing weather-related news stories and was often the first person out of the door to cover breaking winter and severe weather live.  

Dan’s roots lie in Blenheim, New Jersey, just a stone’s throw from Philadelphia. Dan made the move to the shores of Lake Superior where he graduated with honors in Meteorology and Mathematics from Northland College in Ashland, Wis. 

Aside from his love for weather, Dan is also a die-hard Philadelphia sports fan. But if he’s not enthralled by the weather or rooting for his favorite team, you’ll likely find him hitting a golf ball, the hiking trail or the beach.  

If you have a question for Dan or you would like to share a picture, you can reach him at dromano@redwoodnews.tv.