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100 volunteers in Eureka honor Cesar Chavez by revamping the Jefferson Community Center

EUREKA - North coast volunteers took honoring Cesar Chavez Day to a whole new level Tuesday morning by revamping the Jefferson Community Center in Eureka.

Cesar Chavez is known as one of America’s most effective labor leaders. It was his commitment to nonviolence that empowered thousands of farm workers to transform their working conditions into something more humane. 

"Cesar Chavez was about social justice and civil rights and he fought for that hard," said Lorena Boswell, HSU’s YES House Coordinator.

Tuesday the nation celebrates his birth and legacy in many ways, but here on the north coast, volunteers from HSU's YES House celebrated a different way at the Jefferson Community Center.

“Each year on Cesar Chavez day, we do a day of service. This year they're taking down the fences along the street which is just opening up the space so much, it's just beautiful to see and they're painting murals on the walls and planting trees and working on the garden space," said Boswell.

Over 100 volunteers dedicated this day to spruce up the center.

Boswell says, "It's amazing to see how much that many people can do in four hours, just transform, it's transformational every time we do something”.

"Not only is it good for the community to help out, but it's also good and rewarding for yourself to get to know how to do things for other people and not getting anything out of it, but feeling good for yourself," said Vanessa Mored, YES House Director.

Volunteers weeded and removed old plants in preparation for children to plant a spring garden. Plus, volunteers planted over 20 trees and that’s something even Cesar Chavez could be proud of.

"Just to show anybody and everybody that we can all create community and create positive change. We don't need to be so individualistic. The more we collaborate with each other, the more we can create this positive change,” said YES House Director, Alexis Hernandez.