ROAD ADVISORY: Highway 101 One-way controlled traffic between Benbow and Garberville due to an accident involving a big rig :     - Click for more Info


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     Are you buying a real Christmas tree—or an artificial one?  And why should it matter?  The answer is becoming clearer.  Just when you thought the Holidays were complicated enough, here is another run in your Christmas stocking.  Experts are trying to decide which is better for the environment --- the artificial tree or real one.
     Advocates for real Christmas trees say they are better for us because they protect open space and because they are naturally biodegradable.  Grind them up and recycle them.   But proponents of artificial trees  say they are better because you don’t have to cut down any trees.  And you can use the artificial tree again and again with no environmental damage.
     But now Canadian experts are saying that you would have to use the same artificial tree for twenty years for it to make a difference.  Who saves anything for 20 years?  And the very manufacture of plastic artificial trees emits cancer causing chemicals.
     Confusing?  You bet it is.  But we are happy to report that the  tree business is alive and well on the North Coast, and as healthy as ever.And maybe we should celebrating that people care about the impact of Christmas trees on our planet. That may be the greenest gift of all.

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Benbow- Highway 101 is closed due to a two vehicle collision involving a big rig north of the Benbow off-ramp.

There is no estimate of when the road will be reopened and no information on how the crash occurred. Injuries are unknown at this time.  


NORTH COAST - The National Weather Service is reporting .78 inches of rain since midnight for Sunday, and with that comes rain-induced flooding. Plus, it's the first day of California's "king tides", or ultra-high tides and Sunday's tides are even higher than expected. And, state senator Mike McGuire delivered a letter to the director of Oregon's water resources department this week to fight...

Thirteen California Conservation Corps members return home from a month long service trip to Detroit. The Avoid 8 DUI Task Force cancels tonight's DUI Checkpoint. Eureka Police and Fire make local kids' Christmas wishes come true as part of the first annual Shop with a Cop. The Depot Museum commemorates the 1964 flood. 

HOOPA – The Hoopa Valley Tribe is echoing what state officials have to say about the drought. They came out today with some bleak predictions for the summer of 2015.

Tribal officials warn that despite the rainfall we are getting, the area remains under severe drought and the outlook is grim. Rod Mendes, Director of Hoopa’s Office of Emergency Services says to not be fooled by this...

EUREKA – Law enforcement’s Winter Holiday Anti-DUI Crackdown continues with fewer arrest than last year. 

For the second week of the program, officers have arrested eleven individuals driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. That's five less arrests than last year.

Checkpoints and extra patrols will continue. It's part of a region-wide crackdown during the winter holiday...