Pro-Palestinian Protest at Cal Poly Humboldt

Protest comes on the first night of the Jewish holiday Passover

Protesters gather outside Siemens Hall on Cal Poly Humboldt Campus on Monday, April 22, 2024

UPDATE 4/23 12:13 pm: Protesters continue to occupy Siemens Hall on the campus of Cal Poly Humboldt.

And there are reports that protesters took over a second building on campus today.

Monday night, pro-Palestinian protesters marched on Siemens Hall, an academic and administrative building leading to a large law enforcement response from around Humboldt county.

Three protesters were arrested.

Monday night, the university announced that campus would be closed through Wednesday.

UPDATE 10:55 pm: Moments ago, law enforcement officers stationed in front of the building entrances filed away, and protesters went into the building to join their fellow protesters. Redwood News reporters were allowed inside to see the makeshift campsite, piles of snacks and water, and the messages scrawled across the walls in what looks like permanent marker.

Outside most of the protesters dispersed.

UPDATE 8:30 pm: Cal Poly Humboldt just posted this on their website:

Campus Closed, Siemens Hall Protest 

April 22, 2024 – 8:30pm

Campus Closed as Dangerous Situation Continues at Siemens Hall 

Campus is closed through Wednesday, April 24 for the safety of the campus community as protestors continue occupying Siemens Hall. 

The campus community is advised to avoid the area of the building, as it is a dangerous and volatile situation.

The University is deeply concerned about the safety of the protestors who have barricaded themselves inside the building. The University is urgently asking that the protestors listen to directives from law enforcement that have responded and to peacefully leave the building.

In-person classes and activities are transitioning to remote where possible. Check in with your instructor or supervisor for next steps.

Please check for updates.”

UPDATE 8:15 pm: Redwood News Reporter Karina Ramos Villalobos reports that law enforcement officers in riot gear are lined up near one of the building’s entrances. Some students were seen running out of another door, which was left open for people to leave if they chose.

UPDATE 7:30 pm: Students chanting “Free, Free, Free Palestine” have occupied Siemens Hall on campus and barricaded themselves inside around 6 p.m.

Two Redwood News Reporters are on the scene. One saw law enforcement dragging three people out of the building.

One student was reportedly bleeding from the head.

Law enforcement brought in a truck that looked like it was there to take arrested students away, but students surrounded the truck until the driver left.

The crowd continues to grow as word of the protest spreads.

Inside Siemens Hall, protesters set up tents and makeshift beds, prepared to spend the night.

Those on campus and in the community have reported helicopters overhead.

And there are reports of Humboldt Sheriff’s deputies making arrests.

We will bring you updates on this breaking news story as we get them.