Arcata community reacts to the pro-Palestinian protest at Cal Poly Humboldt


It was a much quieter scene at Cal Poly Humboldt after last night’s pro-Palestinian protest and occupation here at Siemens Hall.

Images of last night still burned in the memories of community members.

With law enforcement gone and the campus closed– it was a day to reflect on the current ongoing.

“I have been here since last night in solidarity with my friends and my comrades. I am here to put an end to killing and violence,” student Jasmine Jally said.

The owner of Bright and Green, Carly Tambling, saw our story on Instagram and showed up with reusable dishes for those protesting.

“I turned on my Instagram this morning and saw what happened, how it started. It was insane and then the aftermath of what happened, seeing it at nighttime was unheard of, especially here from humboldt and knowing our values,” Tambling said.

The mayor of Arcata, Meredith Matthews, had this to say about the protest:

In an email, Mayor Matthews stated “Arcata will always support free speech and the right to peacefully protest. This past year, by-and-large those speaking out to condemn the violence on both sides of the Israeli/Palestinian war have modeled the value of peaceable treatment of others that they seek to achieve in the world.”

While many we spoke to had strong opinions on both sides of the issue, many people didn’t want to go on camera because they didn’t want to take a public stand.

But several people supported the students’ right to protest.

“I don’t really have much of an association with the university, I moved out here when I was 30. When I was their age, I was doing the very same things and its an empowering thing. I feel energized knowing that’s what’s going on there,” Art Under Heaven staff member Marta Lapczyski said.