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We work with the community in a variety of ways, and we look forward to speaking with you. Below you will find links that answer frequently asked questions, as well as contact information.

We hope you find our website useful. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us through our main phone number.


Station Details

KIEM-TV Redwood News
5650 South Broadway
Eureka, CA 95503


For closed captioning information or general inquiries please contact:

General Manager – Jenny Olszewski

Email: jolszewski@redwoodnews.tv


If you have a news tip, contact theĀ News Department:

Email: News@RedwoodNews.tv


To leave feedback about our broadcasts:


Antenna Information

To be able to recieve our stations over-the-air(OTA) signal you will need an antenna that is able to pick up a low-VHF signal. Ch. 3 is broadcast at 60 Mhz and Ch. 14 is broadcast at 470 Mhz. You’ll want to check the specifications of the antenna before buying to make sure the antenna can receive those frequencies.

An antenna that is known to receive low-VHF through UHF signals is a Channel Master CM 3018. These antennas are large and are meant to be mounted on a pole on your roof or chimney. Some people don’t like the look of an antenna on the roof of their home so it can also be mounted inside an attic if you have enough space. Just be aware that doing so will lower the signal strength and may make it so you are unable to receive the signal at all depending on your location.

Our main transmitters are located in Kneeland for both Ch.3 and Ch. 14 so you’ll want to aim the small end of your antenna towards there to get the best signal strength. We also have translators in Hoopa and Shelter Cove that rebroadcast our signal in those areas where our main transmitters won’t reach. Below you’ll find coverage maps for our OTA signal

Coverage Maps

NBC Ch. 3 KIEM Main Transmitter- https://www.rabbitears.info/contour.php?appid=f0a15eb4b05a4f9f97d0cf6212b6c0ea&site=1&map=Y

NBC Ch. 3 KIEM Hoopa Translator – https://www.rabbitears.info/contour.php?appid=17d72c9cd7ae4c6897d7cf6212b6c0ea&site=1&map=Y

NBC Ch. 3 KIEM Shelter Cove Translator – https://www.rabbitears.info/contour.php?appid=8454aac897db42e39a19cf6212b6c0ea&site=1&map=Y

CBS Ch. 14 KVIQ Transmitter – https://www.rabbitears.info/contour.php?appid=25076ff35f490dae015f4f7a45310a22&site=1&map=Y


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