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Redwood News Team


Ross Rowley

Ross Rowley is a news anchor for Redwood News with more than 40 years of local television experience..(Read More)

Erica Sutherland

Erica Sutherland is a news anchor for Redwood News. She has worked in broadcast journalism… (Read More)


Joe Bartosik

Chief Meteorologist
Joe Bartosik is an award-winning meteorologist with more than 25 years of weather forecasting experience… (Read More)


Sergio Berrueta

Multimedia Journalist
Sergio Berrueta is a multimedia journalist hailing from Southeast Los Angeles…(Read More)

Lauren Brenner

Multimedia Journalist/Producer
Lauren Brenner is a multimedia journalist/producer for Redwood News…(Read More)


Skylar Gaven

Multimedia Journalist
Skylar Gaven is a multimedia journalist who received her Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Cal Poly Humboldt …(Read More)


Karina Ramos Villalobos

Multimedia Journalist

Karina Ramos Villalobos received her B.A. in journalism with a news emphasis and a minor in studio art… (Read More)

Savana Robinson

Multimedia Journalist

Savana Robinson is a native Northern Californian… (Read More)

Dawn Dugle

News Director
Dawn Dugle’s news philosophy is to serve the viewers… (Read More)