U.S. Coast Guard pays a visit to Cal Poly Humboldt’s Aviation Club


Cal Poly Humboldt’s Aviation Club came together with the U.S. Coast Guard to bring their helicopter to campus.

The helicopter flew in for residents and flying enthusiasts to get an up-close look.

Students and families gathered not only to see the copter in action but also to get insight into what it takes to work for the Coast Guard.

Orion Nichols, an engineering student, heads up the Aviation Club on campus.

“Since growing up, I’ve always been into aviation. I’ve been flying since I was about 3 to 4 years old, flying in planes, not flying them, don’t worry,” Nichols said.

The aviation club on campus strives to make aviation more accessible for students.

“A crew for this aircraft has four people. They mentioned a diver, a mechanic, a pilot, and co-pilot. These are four different aspects to aviation that make your bar to entry so much more accessible,” Nichols said. “Being involved in those spaces is what people who enjoy aviation like myself want to be in.”

Trying to get involved in flying can cost a pretty penny.

“Your entry to becoming a pilot is a small $15,000 which for your average person is not the most accessible thing in the world,” Nichols said.

This event is to help students garner interest in aviation, much like the high school students from Redwood Coast Montessori High School’s Aviation Club.

“Since it’s not a class, it’s student-led and we try to see what inspires them and follow that,” RCMHS’s Aviation Club co-host Sequoyah Faulk said. “There’s definitely a lot of interest in students becoming pilots just for the passion of flying, but there’s student that are interested in becoming a commercial pilot.”

Events like the landing can inspire students as they continue pursuing their passion.

“If you’re inspired and genuinely interested in something, then you’re naturally going to learn more about it. We have all the information at our disposal these days and so what’s missing from that equation is are people actually inspire to go out there, do that research?” Faulk said.

Cal Poly Humboldt’s Avaiation Club is also funding a new flight simulator for students to use and log flight hours as they pursue their goals of becoming pilots.