The Heart of Humboldt will host a 420 egg hunt, this is how you can participate 

Heart of Humboldt workers stand with their mascot counting down the days until 420. | Photo by Karina Ramos Villalobos

420 is this weekend and the Heart of Humboldt dispensary is throwing a big community egg hunt to celebrate. 

“We’re setting up a little local community-based scavenger hunt trying to draw the community,” Daniel McQuiston, Owner of Heart of Humboldt. “And we’re working with tons of local businesses [like] the Cider Bar, Humbrews, Big Blue Cafe.”

This is a 21+ or med-card event. The hunt starts on Friday as the Heart of Humboldt scatters 56 plastic eggs across Arcata. There will be 14 different locations with four eggs each. But, none of the eggs will contain cannabis. They’ll have a ticket to redeem a prize.

“We’re having 56 total eggs,” said Mike Marrie, Owner of Heart of Humboldt. “Four eggs per location. The locations are not going to just put them all at once. They’re going to put them out at their leisure and discretion.”

The 14 locations are Peaches and Pearls, Local Cider Bar, Humbrews, Pale Moon Brewing Company, The Big Blue Cafe, Northtown Coffee, Daydream Arcata, Redwood Retro, Art Center Arcata, the Arcata Marsh, the Arcata Skatepark, Arcata Sports Complex, and the Creamery District. 

The scavenger hunt is only the start of the 420 fun. On Saturday, the dispensary will hold an event with vendors, music, food and more 420 deals. If you plan to participate in the scavenger hunt, the owners said to post and tag the Heart of Humboldt when you find an egg and then bring it back to claim your prize. Whoever finds the most eggs will win a basket full of items. 

“We’ve even had some people ask I wish my kids could do this with us. Well, they can, because there’s no cannabis products in it,” McQuiston said. “If this weather holds out, get out with the family, take your kids, go have fun.”

The owners tell me that with this event they hope to spread more awareness and positivity when it comes to cannabis. McQuiston and Marrie along with two others became owners of the Heart of Humboldt in October. There will be no eggs at the dispensary, but you can find clues to their whereabouts by stopping by this weekend.