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City of Eureka receives $250,000 to prepare for sea level rise

EUREKA- The City of Eureka has received funding to develop sea level rise adaptation strategies and policies for the city’s Coastal Land Use Plan.

Updating the Coastal Land Use Plan is part of the 2040 General Plan Update process. The California Ocean Protection Council recently approved a $250,000 grant agreement with the city. The grant will be used to develop a Sea Level Rise Risk Analysis.  Those results will be used to identify specific strategies and measures for sea level rise adaptation for high priority assets.

"These grant funds provide us the ability to go into greater depth with our analysis and with identifying strategies and measures by which to address sea level rise.  We hope that will eventually result in more of a streamlined process for future development.  They could avoid going through as much as an analysis as they otherwise would of had to," said Lisa Shikany, the Principal Planner for the Community Development Department for the City of Eureka.