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Fire destroys home in Manila

MANILA- Residents in Manila lost their home after a fire destroys the entire structure.

Arcata fire received multiple reports of a mobile home on fire on the 1800 block of Park Street just before 11 a.m. on Thursday. When crews arrived, a fire was developing on the front porch and worked its way into one of the bedrooms. Firefighters were able to control the blaze 20 minutes later, and completely extinguish it about an hour later. Fire officials confirm at least two people live in the home, but were not there during the fire. The cause is still under investigation and officials say weather conditions could have made fighting the fire more difficult.

"It's a wind driven fire so because of the prevailing wind and the strength of the wind, it's pushing fire throughout the structure.  So it's very difficult to get control of a fire like that.  It essentially gets pushed throughout the building and we can't get inside because the floor had already failed," said Fire Chief Desmond Cowan with the Arcata Fire District.

Fire crews with Humboldt Bay Fire and the Samoa Peninsula Fire District also responded to the fire.