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Proposed bill would bring "safe injection sites" for drug users to Humboldt, Mendocino

In an effort to reduce drug overdoses and get drugs off the streets, a California assemblywoman is proposing a bill, AB 186, which would implement "safe injection sites" to counties across the state - including Humboldt and Mendocino.

The safe sites would allow those over 18 to come to the designated space with drugs they have obtained, such as heroin and opioids, and use them their while supervised by health care professionals who could provide first aid if needed.

Sterile consumption supplies such as hypodermic needles and syringes would be provided and disposed of properly.

Drug users would also have access to addiction treatment and social services at these sites.

"I understand that it's something that people would feel like they would be enabling people to use drugs,” said founder of Humboldt Area Center for Harm Reduction, Brandie Wilson, “People are going to use drugs whether you have a safe place for them to or not. It's a matter of keeping it out of your children's park. It's a matter of keeping it out of your children's school ground. It's a matter of keeping our officers safe because they aren't digging through stuff with syringes anymore. And it's a matter of reducing your tax dollars."

According to Drug Police Alliance, there are 100 safe injection facilities around the world.

This year the first U.S. site was approved in Seattle.