Suicide prevention month takes shape in Humboldt County

Eureka, Ca., (KIEM)- California ranks 45th in the Nation in the number of suicide deaths. More startling, on average one person takes their own life every two hours in the Golden State. 

“Suicide is a community health problem, so as a community we have to come together and address it.” says Kris Huschle, a senior health education specialist with the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). 

September is suicide prevention month. The DHHS suicide prevention network is teaming up with organizations and individuals across the region, to tackle the issue. Their overarching message: ordinary people can help their neighbors, and together we can put an end to suicide. 

“Number one: suicide is preventable.” Huschle explains, “Number two: everyone can do soemthing about preventing suicide, and it’s what we do. It’s what people do. We care about eachother. We reach out. We offer support and help, and really link people up to services.”

This month, workshops will be offered across Humboldt County to teach skills for identifying the signs of depression, and offer tools for responding to crises in the lives of loved ones. 

“We all encounter individuals that sometimes we’re concerned about. That we worry about. There’s things that we can do to help and support eachother. So this month is really about letting everybody know within our community that we really can do something to prevent suicide.” Huschle is part of the network that will meet next in October at the community wellness center.

For more on how you can get involved visit DHHS online at: