Communities open their doors to evacuees of the Redwood Complex Fire

WILLITS – As the redwood complex fire continues to grow so does the number of people being evacuated and many of the surrounding communities are opening their doors

The Redwood and Potter Fires have burned over 19,000 acres, forcing many people from their homes. Many of the evacuees are coming here to Willits, where according to City Manager, Adrienne Moore, they don’t believe the fire will reach the town.

The people who are coming to Willits are from neighboring areas outside the city that have been forced to evacuate and the Willits community has opened up its community center and high school to evacuees.

One of the victims staying at the shelter is Emmanuel Mallo from Potter Valley who says he doesn’t believe his home is still standing.

But Mallo says he’s more worried about his family who were evacuated to a different shelter. Since there is no internet, cell service, or landlines available in the area right now he doesn’t know where exactly they are.

Though he is confident he will be reconnected with his family soon he says he has friends who won’t be able to replace what they’ve lost.

And until conditions improve the shelter will remain open.

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office has sent 7 deputies to Mendocino to assist with evacuations and looting prevention, they will also be sending 4 to Sonoma tomorrow for similar assistance.