Local Law Enforcement Donates Blood Alongside The Community


EUREKA – Local law enforcement is donating time Wedneday to donate blood alongside community members.

‘Donate with the Captains’ is a quarterly event put on with the Northern California Community Blood Bank to encourage more donors to come out, while also encouraging the public to build relationships with safety officers.

Wednesday’s event was sponsored by local business SeaSmoke Barbeque – owner Chris Armstrong calls himself the Captain of his business, so he wanted to put on the event alongside the Captains of the Eureka Police Department.

Armstrong also reached out to other local law enforcement agencies to contribute, including the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office.

Eureka Police Captain Brian Stephens shared with us why events like these are so important.

“As law enforcement officers we work to save lives every day. This is just another way we can give back,” said Captain Stephens, “Blood is life so by giving blood we may be able to help somebody down the road.

“I know the blood bank has a hard time getting donations during the summer time and I’m an up and coming business and as I go by Captain I thought it would be cool to do donate with the captains and get local first responders involved,” added Armstrong.

“This is just another example of how the police department is wanting to be involved in the community and involved with our business groups,” added Captain Stephens, “By doing that we are strengthening the relationships we have with those people. We’re building trust and friendships that will go a long way to making Eureka better.”

Recently, the blood bank has been especially in need of B- and O- type donations.

If you weren’t able to make it out today, you can find the Northern California Community Blood Bank’s hours at www.ncbb.net

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