Capping off Breast Cancer Awareness Month with HCSO


Eureka, Ca., (KIEM)- For the last month, deputies donned bright pink baseball caps with their patrol uniforms. Tipping their hats to the ladies suffering from breast cancer in the community, and raising money for Humboldt’s Breast and GYN Health Program.

The punchy pink caps reading “Sheriff” in bold black were up for sale on racks across the county. At drugstores in Fortuna and Arcata, the Sheriff’s Office (in Eureka), and the Breast and Gyn Project (on 8th street in Arcata).

Captain Kim Thompson (Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office) and Rose Gale-Zoellick (Breast and GYN Project)

“You know, it’s amazing what a pink hat will do to provide hope and strength for people.” Rose Gale-Zoellick, Executive Director of the Breast and GYN Health Project said.

“People don’t often get to see the good side of what we do in our job, so we want to be relatable too.” Sheriff Billy Honsal says, “By wearing these pink hats sometimes folks will approach us a little bit better and say ‘Hey what’s that pink hat all about?’ So it starts a conversation. We were very very happy to have these sold in the community and the outpouring of support from the community was overwhelming”

Captain Kim Thompson came up with the idea of selling and wearing pink hats throughout October. Now, more than $1,500 have been raised to help local women and their families through cancer diagnoses.

For more information about the local Breast and GYN Project visit: