Low-income housing trailers to be removed from northern section of Crowley site

EUREKA, CA. (KIEM) – A vote to keep low-income trailers along Eureka’s Hilfiker Lane was scheduled for Tuesday, but plans changed.

The decision, whether to approve the Local Coastal Program Amendment, could have allowed for the Betty Chinn Community Housing Project to move forward at the north end Crowley Site – near the Hikshari trail, and Humboldt Bay Fire Training Facility.

However, after hearing from a number of businesses in the area, the city of Eureka is said Tuesday afternoon this site is removed from consideration.

They say the city is actively pursuing alternative sites, including the south end of the Crowley property, next to the wastewater treatment facility.

The trailers, donated from PG&E last year, are intended to create transitional housing for low-income residents, amidst a declared shelter crisis, but a lack of approved locations has held the project at a standstill.

We spoke with Betty Chinn, who shared why she believes this project will make a difference in the lives of those trying to escape poverty.

“They are not lazy. They come in, and have a job, and they go to work. We’ve been looking for a location for many, many months now. Hopefully this is still going to happen. I have very high hopes,” said Betty Chinn, Founder of the Betty Kwan Chinn Foundation.

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