Sheriff’s organization encourages voters to support Measure O

McKinleyville, Ca., (KIEM) If passed in November, Measure O will continue to provide locally-controlled funding for essential county services, without raising tax rates.

The Humboldt County Deputy Sheriff’s organization went door knocking in the McKinleyville to make sure voters are aware of what Measure O is and to ensure that residents get out and vote come next month.

Measure O will continue to support volunteer fire departments and firefighters, restore protective and counseling services for the victims and witnesses of child abuse, and helps combat drug related crimes.

“We have over 30 positions that are being funded by Measure Z including corrections deputies. We are hoping to get 24/7 hour law enforcement service throughout the whole county right now we are pretty close without O that will be hard to do. We are looking for a yes on O vote to continue to the Z so we can keep the boots on the ground, ” said Jamie Barney, President of the Humboldt County Deputy Sheriff’s organization.

According to studies, for the past 25 years, over 300 million dollars in state takeaways continues to affect the county’s budget. By law, however, all Measure O funding must be spent locally, and none can be taken by the state.