Community members on look-out for illegal dumpers caught in act


SAMOA, Calif. (KIEM)-The founder of PacOut Green Team and others, are on the look-out for some trash dumpers, seen leaving a heap of garbage at the Vance Ave. parking lot in Samoa, at around 1 p.m. on Sunday.

“It’s disappointing we just recently cleaned up out there,” said Aaron Ostrom. “We just got those boulders out there installed and then someone dumps the truck load in the parking lot.

“So it sucks you know, you put in a lot of work and someone trashes it pretty much immediately.”

The images above were captured by a concerned kayaker.

They show a two door red or maroon pick-up truck with no tail gate and what appears to be a silver PT Cruiser on standby as a huge pile of garbage was seen dumped in the parking lot next to Humboldt Bay.

Ostrom says, they have leads, and believe those responsible are from Eureka.

He urges anyone who sees someone illegally dumping, to document and then report the illegal dumpers immediately.

“We really try to educate people, you know they had it all loaded in their vehicle, they were driving to a place to unload it,” he said. “If they would have known it would have been like 12 bucks at Recology, to dump that, you know, they probably wouldn’t have done there.”

Ostrom says, his team has seen an uptick in dumped appliances, and reminds everyone that Recology Humboldt County provides two free bulky item pick-ups, every year.