Look Out for Holiday Scammers

EUREKA, Calif. (KIEM) – The holiday season brings an increased risk for fraud and it is important to protect yourself by learning how to spot these scams. 

Scammers often claim that they are from the Humboldt County sheriff’s office or other law enforcement agencies by using the names of current and former employees. 

They may call to tell you that you have warrants for your arrest and that you will be arrested immediately unless they are paid.

They may also say that they are raising funds for fallen officers and would like for you to make a donation. However, the sheriff’s office rarely takes payments directly and will instead ask of you to donate to a particular organization. 

Last but not least, they could claim that your loved one is in jail and needs help to make bail. 

Public information specialist at the Humboldt county sheriff’s office, Samantha Karges, informs, “We see phone scams all year round, but holiday season people are more likely to give…so they’re more generous in the holiday season… We’re giving gifts, we’re supporting local businesses, doing all these different things, and unfortunately, people take advantage of that.” 

Be sure to be extra alert as scammers often ask for gift cards, cash, or personal information. To find more information about scams, check ftc.gov/scams.

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