Wave of smashed windows reported; motorists in specific areas of town targeted


EUREKA, Calif. (KIEM)-a wave of smashed windows have been reported this week, in Eureka, have motorists and law officials on alert.

According to law officials the incidents are happening while motorists drive through a particular part of town.

In recent months, the California Highway Patrol and the Eureka Police Department have received more than a dozen calls related to windshield damage caused by some sort of projectile.

“We have received a few calls in the last few days some of them from reporting parties that are reporting the incidents late,” said Public Information Officer with the CHP.    

According to Craft, the bulk of the reported incidents happened either off Broadway Street or Myrtle Avenue.

“Just finding cracked, and seems to be smaller items, that seem to have hit the windshield or at least in one incident, the side window of a vehicle,” he said.

EPD Public Information Officer Brittany Powell says they’ve received similar reports dating back to November, she says it’s best to report the incident sooner, than later.

“Two primary locations, either on Broadway near the like 22-hundred block and so numerous reports probably about 12 just this week alone,” she said.

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Law officials say the damage could be from a thrown rock, pellets from a BB- Gun or maybe even from a sling shot but that would only be speculation.   

“Officers are aware, and they’ve been kind of patrolling those area, but we are on high alert for sure,” said Powell. “We’ve have had two injuries drivers in the vehicle get injured.

According to Powell the injuries were from broken glass.

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“It’s could ultimately result in the injury of someone at some point, were doing everything we can to prevent that,” Craft. 

Law officials don’t have enough information to determine if the incidents are related, and do not have any suspects at this time but are asking anyone with surveillance cameras to check them for a possible suspect or vehicle description.

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Anyone with information is asked to contact the CHP at (707) 822-5981or EPD at (707) 441-4060.