Centro del Pueblo’s Sancturary Garden in Arcata was Vandalized a 5th Time Before the End of 2022

The signpost at the Sanctuary Garden in Arcata detached from fence. Picture Courtesy from Brenda Perez.

Before the year came to a close, the Sanctuary Garden in Arcata was vandalized for a 5th time in 2022.

Centro del Pueblo is a local organization that creates space for the Latinx community and Indigenous Peoples of the south immigrating to the U.S. Their Sanctuary Garden, which is a multicultural meeting space was vandalized yet again on Dec. 27th.

Team members of the organization found damaged structures as well as the main gate altered and locked. It is still unsure who the culprit is, however, the members of Centro del Pueblo are standing strong.

They ask community members to visit the garden or help volunteer in hopes to build a culture of peace and non-violence.

A press release from Centro del Pueblo stated:

“It’s unknown who’s responsible, but we know they pursue a logic of destruction and xenophobia, and they are acting in the shadows, vandalizing in the night. We also know they are a few compared with the most generous, kind and noble people volunteering and protecting the Sanctuary garden. 

This message says we are here to stay, to protect with dignity our dream projects. We belong where our families are, migrant communities belong united and organized, and shouldn’t be ignored or depreciated. Together we are a sign of a better Humboldt County.

Denouncing racism isn’t going to be easy, breaking the unjust dynamic forcing Indigenous Peoples to keep in the shadows either. Our answer to hate is love and art. Centro del Pueblo’s message will prevail for our current and future generations.”