Cal Poly Humboldt Holds Memorial to Honor Student who was Lost in a Car Accident Last Week

21-year-old Camile Nauta who was tragically lost in a car collision on Jan. 17th.

A memorial was held at Cal Poly Humboldt yesterday evening to honor student, Camile Nauta and their dog Wilson, who both were tragically lost in a car accident while on a walk on Jan. 17th. 

An overwhelming sense of love, appreciation, and grief was felt at the memorial held as friends and loved ones shared timeless memories of Camile and Wilson. 

“It does feel a little unfair that they’re not here anymore,” a close friend of Camile said. 

Camile was heading into their last semester at the university, majoring in psychology. Camile took part in the department’s historic Inqueeries in efforts to help and support the queer community here in Humboldt. 

“Camile really was helping to support the queer community here that they benefited from, they did that through a couple of different ways and one of them was the historic Inqueeries project, which is a project that was largely student led, where we created slides to showcase queer scholarships across disciplines,” Psychology Prof. Ben Graham said. “I think as a professor, you know, you only have a small window that you try to expand a little and I think today you saw the totality through friendships and community and connections and all the different relationships, and it was very humbling to be part of that.”

The family of Camile said that they hold no hate or malice toward anyone who was involved in the collision; the family is grateful to the many friends and people within the community that Camile met; and they will continue to be cherished.

They were a wonderful student and a source of comfort to those they encountered. 

“I think we can all agree that anyone who ever first interacted with Camile was very inspired by their perception of reality, their love of nature, their whimsicality,” Another close friend said. “So, I think in a very literal sense, Camile is living on in all of us.”

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