Over 200 local artists inside the Humboldt’s Hometown Store


Back in 2021, Humboldt’s Hometown Store opened to become the home for over 200 local artists and makers in Ferndale. 

“My cousin needed an office for the Enterprise newspaper and Guy Fieri, his parents reached out to her and was like, well, we can rent this to you and she was interested,” said Katrina Miranda store manager. 

Miranda adds, that her cousin and owner of Humboldt’s Hometown Store, Melissa Sanderson, wasn’t sure what to do with the big space but thought to herself that in Humboldt County there are many artists and craft fairs. With that realization, she concluded to open a storefront dedicated to local creators to sell their products.

Creators selling their art inside the store can keep their items for sale as long as they want to and remove them whenever they’d like. People can message the store on Instagram or Facebook or call the store to ask to put their art for sale. 

“We pretty much accept everybody,” Miranda said. “We do have a certain time limit where we’re accepting new makers and then sometimes we’re just full. We really try to accept everybody. We don’t want to say no.”

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