Local nearly-blind woman donates for CASA with baked goods

Thea Stewart a.k.a. Candy Girl drops by the farmers market every week to sell her treats for CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) of Humboldt.

“I feel so sad for abused children and so on, so I thought I would do anything to help the innocent children,” Stewart said.

Stewart started team Candy Girl as a response three years ago, baking sweet treats and candy for passersby. Stewart is also legally blind.

“I cannot see anything out of my left-eye and out of my right eye, my vision is twenty-four-hundred,” Stewart said. “But to me everything’s a challenge and I’m able to fight the fight.”

She uses special tools in the kitchen.

“I have a digital thermometer. I cannot see well enough to use your standard thermometer so it prints out so I’m able to see the numbers which, whew, it is a blessing.”

Her treats include monster chocolate chip cookies, macadamia vanilla chip cookies and cashew brittle.

“My goal every week is $250 a week and I don’t always make the $250 at farmers market but I sell to other people I know.”

Stewart does not keep any of the money. All of  the proceeds go directly to casa.

“It is a joy to help out all the children who did not have a good life like I did,” Stewart said.

Stewart is fund-raising as part of casa’s super kid season for the month of september,

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