From One Time To Another, an exhibit to honor Karuk artist Brian D. Tripp 


Brian D. Tripp is a worldwide known artist and is being celebrated through an exhibit inside Cal Poly Humboldt’s library filled with his art, archives and memories.

“Brian was a member of the Karuk tribe,” said Susan Gehr, the archivist for Brian Tripp’s Collection. “He was an artist, a singer, a ceremonial leader and a community activist.”

The exhibit, “From One Time To Another” represents elements of Tripp’s different talents and activities. He was a worldwide-known artist. According to Gehr, he could have donated or sold his collections to other places and he said no.

Gehr shared that Tripp once said, “I want them here at Humboldt because I studied here. I taught here. My nieces and nephews and the larger tribal community are here. And I want them to be able to learn from me and to continue to make great art.”

Members of Tripp’s family will be in attendance to view the exhibit. People can view the “From One Time To Another” exhibit at the Cal Poly Humboldt Library starting today until October 15.

“A good message to the community that our culture is the value and his role as an artist was to reflect an expression of his culture,” said Julian Lang, Tripp’s cousin. “And it wasn’t a career move on his part to become a professional artist.”