Judge hears Measure A lawsuit filed by local growers

Measure A had its day in court in Humboldt County today, as the lawsuit filed by seven growers was heard by a judge in superior court.

The Humboldt County Growers Alliance opposes the measure.

They say Measure A would fundamentally change the county code, would re-classify outdoor grows using light-deprivation as mixed use grows therefore costing growers two dollars a square foot in taxes – twice what they’re paying now.

The growers say voters weren’t made aware of this information when they signed the Measure A petition.

Attorneys of Measure A proponents fired back and said they weren’t confused about the measure, and it would be up to the county to re-define any laws affected by passing the initiative.

Humboldt County Clerk Juan Cervantes is also named in the lawsuit, but reiterated a statement of neutrality saying the sooner this matter is ruled upon, the better.

“Really the reason that this litigation is happening is that the proponents of Measure A have circulated petitions for signature over several months last year, and the title of those petitions, which were circulated, said there was an initiative about restricting large scale commercial cannabis cultivation and it was clear,” HCGA’s policy director Ross Gordon said. “I think very early on to folks who really read the full 38 pages of the initiative that that wasn’t the case that this was an initiative that really imposed really draconian restrictions on small farmers in Humboldt County and farmers of all sizes.”

The county asked for a ruling before Wednesday, December 20th. The judge stated a ruling could be expected as early as next week.

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