Annual Ferndale Washington Games

Sunday was Ferndale Fire Department’s Washington Games. Held every President’s Day weekend, rain or shine, the games consist of hose relay and bucket brigade. Hosted by Ferndale Fire Department, there were also teams from Loleta and Fortuna.

Jif D’Aguanno, Ferndale firefighter, said that the games help bring people together.

“[It] brings a lot of camaraderie and it gets a lot of people—firefighters—working together,” D’Aguanno said. “Even though we’re on different sides of the river or different departments.”

An age-old tradition, the games are a team-building exercise that are fun to participate in and watch.

Tyler Carter, a Fortuna firefighter, said that the event is a good reminder of the community that the departments serve.

“It’s just a good time to come out,” Carter said. “See the people in your community who are volunteering their time to put out fires, do medical calls and hopefully just let them know that we’re here and that we’re here for them and it’s nice they’re here for us.”

Ferndale Fire Chief Rick Nicholson said that even the pouring rain didn’t stop everyone from having fun.

“All said and done, in spite of the rain, everybody seemed to be having a good time,” Nicholson said. “They were out in the street in the rain, so it was just a good time had by all.”

After the games, everyone is invited to the Ferndale Fire Department where the losing team cooks lunch.

Jessica Felse, Ferndale Fire assistant chief, said that the games are a good opportunity to build team bonds.

“We love the Ferndale fireman’s games and all the fireman’s games,” Felse said. “It’s a really good chance to work on team building and build a sense of camaraderie and brotherhood and sisterhood.”

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