Having a blast at the Loleta Community Block Party


The Loleta Community Block Party, put on by Jersey Scoops, was a fun, family-friendly event with food, music and local vendors.

“We came with a couple of our friends today and we’re just happy to be here,” Erin Ortiz, a Humboldt County resident, said. “It’s a really great day to be out. The sun is shining. It’s a little bit breezy, but really great, great turnout. I think everybody should be here.”

Britton Latham, owner of Backwood Burritos, pointed out the friendly energy of the party.

“Everybody’s been super cool and friendly and sweet,” Latham said. “It’s been really, really cool just meeting everybody and just feeling like support and just love from everybody.”

The main purpose of putting on the party was to bring the community together. Cody Nicholson-Stratton, co-owner of Jersey Scoops, spoke to Redwood News about putting on the event.

“This is absolutely a family friendly event,” Nicholson-Stratton said. “We wanted it to be something where everyone where kids could come, they could enjoy the park, the sun, and it could really just be something for the whole community to come out, be part of the community together, enjoy what Lolita has to offer.”

Brenda “Coach Bren” Juarez, president of Loleta Chamber, discussed the importance of events like these.

“When people come out, they start having conversations. And in conversations you learn about one another. You learn what skills your neighbor has and you realize that there’s a lot of community based knowledge and learning, right? And you get to do more things together.”

Not only is it a great opportunity for community members to connect with one another, it supports local businesses.

“I always support the community I grew up in,” Lee Ann Moore, owner of Oceanside Jams said. “There’s many, many people I know here or acquainted with that has helped support our business. And I help. And then I reciprocate by supporting whenever events come to this town.”

“Local vendors, highlighting predominantly Loleta-based small businesses and business owners as well as some awesome local food trucks and various other businesses that have come to set up and just vend in the park,” Nicholson-Stratton said. “Supporting small businesses like Jersey Scoops and other small businesses is really important.”

“when people spend money in local small towns like this, in return, you get to do more cool things with your community and have it safer and cleaner,” Juarez said.

Events like this would not be possible without the help of the community.

“If the community is watching this, come and support, volunteer and see where you can help. come out in support this is your town too. You have a voice and shared decision is what makes the community beautiful.”