Variety of Homeless Assistance Programs Available

EUREKA – The Affordable Homeless Housing Alternatives sent out an OP-ED this week saying the Humboldt and Eureka communities as a whole are not willing to devote significant resources to homeless issues.

Today, Humboldt County Supervisor, Rex Bohn responded saying the community offers a variety of programs to those in need. Bohn says he hopes this will be a stepping stone for the organization to work with the community to come together and find the best option for the homeless population.

“For an organization that wants to work with us to make a generalized statement that we’re not doing enough for the homeless, I think that they need to understand what we do before they can make a statement like that. But I think the only way were going to do this is collaboration and working with everyone and not competing but actually working together. I know the people from Affordable Homeless Housing Alternatives and I know they have a passion, I’ve been to a few of their meetings, they have a passion to help the homeless,” says Bohn.

Bohn says they have a new housing facility on 8th street in Eureka, they are also in the process of putting in a 50 unit facility on 4th street which will be combined with veteran services.