With Cal Poly Humboldt closed, students express concerns and the university shares resources


Protesters continue to occupy Siemens Hall on day four of the pro-Palestinian protest. Nelson Hall is also being used for sleep, bathroom access, and a space to do homework.

“I am doing some tests online,” said Brooke Douglass, an environmental science management major. “And I have some essays to write that are due in 10 days. So I got to get a lot of things done.”

Cal Poly Humboldt put out an alert saying “The occupation of Siemens Hall causes complex operational challenges that require the closure of other facilities on campus. In particular, there is a risk of other buildings being occupied, as protesters have shown a willingness to enter unlocked buildings and either lock themselves in, vandalize, or steal equipment.”

Campus services and resources are limited at Cal Poly Humboldt. As of Thursday, the health and counseling center and the children’s center have opened. But, most other buildings are closed and key card access has been shut off. Housing and dining have remained open for students since the start of the protests. 

The university alert also says that they are working to relocate athletic events and activities but all other on-campus events have been canceled through this Sunday. At this time, the university plans to move forward with commencement ceremonies and activities for students next month.