“They’re running things around here.” Cal Poly Humboldt Protests enter fourth day

Three campus buildings reportedly occupied by pro-Palestinian protesters

Photo courtesy Savana Robinson

A Redwood News reporter on Cal Poly Humboldt’s campus on Wednesday night spotted students taking over the Student Activity Center.
They began boarding it up and stacking things inside.

They wrote “Free Gaza” and “Kill Cops” on the outside of the building.

The takeover didn’t last long because one of the initial pro-Palestinian protesters came along and told them to stop.

Protesters took over Siemens Hall on Monday and have occupied the building ever since.

Redwood News has learned that Cal Poly Humboldt held a meeting with faculty on Wednesday. 

The meeting addressed reports that protesters had gained access to every room in Siemens, including key administrative offices such as human resources and the office of university president Dr. Tom Jackson, Jr.

The human resources office contains sensitive information about employees, and it was unclear if any of that information had been accessed.

Cal Poly reportedly told faculty that protesters had taken over three buildings on campus, leaving a wake of vandalism and destruction.

During the meeting, faculty members were told to prepare to teach remotely for the rest of the semester, which ends next week. It’s unclear what the plan would be for graduation on May 11.

No group has officially identified itself as the protest’s organizers, and that has concerned a few students on campus.

One student told us: “They’re running things around here.”

Redwood News continues to follow this breaking news story and will bring you updates as we get them.

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