Caltrans reopens Highway 101, two miles of guard rail sustains damage

MENDOCINO – Highway 101 between Redwood Valley and Willits was in direct line of the Redwood Complex Fire, but has now been re-opened.

The fire destroyed about two miles worth of metal guard rail on the road, along with signs.

Reconstruction will start as soon as possible and so far about five million dollars in state funding has been allocated for emergency repairs.

If you are driving through, make sure to be extra careful.

“There’s still a lot of smoke out there and there’s still fire crews moving around using the highway to go from one location to another,” said Caltrans Chief of Public Information, Phil Frisbie, Jr., “So if you do travel their south of Willits down by Ukiah please use some extra caution because of the smoke reducing visibility and also the extra fire crews that are still around.”

When reconstruction does begin, you can expect delays due to crews having to reduce lanes to one way controlled traffic.