Lemons to Lemonade: 9-Year-Old Girl steps up to help a friend in need

Ferndale, Ca., (KIEM)- On the surface, Amaya Diamond is just like any other 9-year-old girl. She loves playing softball and spending time with her baby brother. In recent days, she’s been spending her spare time, and cash, on other things. She’s determined to help a friend in need.

Dave Menza is 27-years-old and the father of Diamond’s cousin. He’s known her for years. Recently Menza was involved in a serious car crash in Ferndale, an accident that may permanently rob him of his ability to walk. When 4th grader Amaya learned about Menza’s condition she sprung in to action.

“She told her aunt, I’m going to get Dave the best wheelchair there is, and that’s really her motivation.” Diamond’s grandfather, Tony Pichulo explained. “She’s conscious of what’s going on around her, even at 9 years old.”

Diamond opened her own neighborhood car wash. She turned over her tooth fairy money. According to her mom, she’s even been asking visitors to her home to contribute to her cause, putting money in the “Dave Jar.”

“She doesn’t let things get in her way. If something needs done she’s jumping in there, and we could all take a lesson from Amaya.” Pichulo says. “Don’t let things get in your way, just get it done. There’s a way. Don’t let little road bumps slow you down.”

Amaya Diamond’s grandparents own Humboldt Sweets in Ferndale; they’re hosting her next venture in raising money for Menza’s wheelchair.

“I’m doing a lemonade stand, I’ll be selling pink lemonade and regular lemonade.” Amaya says. She’ll be out on the lawn in front of Humboldt Sweets on Sunday. Grandma and Grandpa are also pitching in, by selling Mimosa’s to the grown-ups.