Eating local this Thanksgiving

EUREKA – As you finalize your Thanksgiving menu, North Coast businesses, farmers, food producers urge you to think local.
Eureka Natural Foods Perishables Manager Juan Gagne said, “I think it’s really important for everyone to think about where their food comes from, and we do have a lot of really great local farms in the area.”
Humboldt Made Executive Director Alanna Powell explained that you can purchase nearly 100% of a traditional Thanksgiving meal from those farms.
If you’re having a hard time finding local options, Gagne recommends seasonal foods like pie pumpkins, winter squash, and potatoes.
And you can even check out where it all comes from. Powell said local farmers and producers are often excited to answer questions and give tours to customers.
And in addition to decreasing environmental impacts associated with food transport, buying from North Coast producers boosts the local economy.
Eureka Natural Foods Kitchen Manager Waylon Carl added, “Their money will sort of echo throughout the community. You’re going to see that same dollar going back and forth. We support our local vendors who then buy their products locally so it’s going all the way down the chain to the farmers, to the consumers, and to us here who handle the food every day.”
“A lot of our local grocers do a remarkable job of carrying local items so they make it easy on you,” Powell said.