Flu season peaks: why local doctors say you should still get your shot

Arcata, Ca., (KIEM)- According to the Center for Disease control, Flu season peaks between December and February. Doctors across Humboldt County have been inoculating against the virus since September, but if you haven’t gotten your flu shot yet it’s not too late.

Every annual flu vaccine is unique. Scientists globally collect viral samples all year. They evaluate the genetic structure of the different influenza strains. Then, they work to predict which strains will be the most dangerous and wide spread. Based on that prediction, they formulate the annual vaccine.

“Every year that the new vaccine comes out, it’s based on the predicted strain that will hit us. That’s based on typing all over the world, depending on what kind of strain we think is going to hit.” Dr. Anna Robertson

Because no two flu shots are the same, it’s important to get on every year. “Every year that you get the vaccine actually your protection to various strains improves, so if you don’t get the flu vaccine this year, you lose out on that protection.” Dr. Robertson says, “Every year that you get it you actually improve your protection against various strains.”

She also stresses the benefits outweigh the risks. Myths that the vaccine slows cognitive development or causes autism have been debunked.