State helping cover costs of norovirus school closures

EUREKA – News Channel 3 has learned more about the cost of the norovirus outbreak and how the state is stepping up to help.
Twenty-two schools closed their doors in mid-December to prevent spread of highly contagious norovirus.
Eureka City Schools lost two days before the holiday break.
Superintendent Fred Van Vleck said that amounts to roughly $450,000 in lost revenue.
But the California Department of Education has a contingency plan in place and offers attendance waivers in the event of a health emergency.
Districts must work with public health to confirm norovirus as the reason for increased absences. Eureka City Schools has already contacted the department of education to start the waiver process.
“One of the things that’s really nice about that is the state allows us the ability to cancel school or to not cancel school based on what’s in the best interest of the health of students without having a fiscal impact on the school district,” Van Vleck said.