Fortuna community gathers for annual State of the City Breakfast

FORTUNA, CA. – Fortuna community members gathered this morning for the annual State of the City Breakfast.

A fundraiser for the Fortuna Chamber of Commerce, the event was a chance to showcase progress in the city over the last year, and highlight what projects are in the works for the year ahead.

Big talking points – Measure E and Measure Z allocations.

Police Chief Bill Dobberstein spoke to how funds were put to new hires, as well as touched on police calls and statistics.

Fortuna leaders say since the event is a more casual way to bring people together than a council meeting, it draws a crowd full of residents and local business owners.

“There’s so many businesses in this community that support what goes on every day in this community,” said Fortuna City Manager Mark Wheetley, “We’re glad to be a part of it and we try to do our part to help support them.”

“Just getting the facts out there in the community is really important,” said Fortuna Mayor Sue Long, “Nobody wants to sit and go through a 200 page budget, it’s not very much fun. Being able to snapshot everything is appropriate and convenient for everyone to come and listen.”