High Speed Eureka Motorcycle Chase Abandoned, Police Follow-up

Eureka, Ca., (KIEM)-¬†Imagine a motorcycle whizzing through traffic at high speeds at 11:00 p.m.. Their headlight’s aren’t on. Their registration is out of date. They’re cruising through red lights with Eureka Police on their tail. That’s a basic description of a Tuesday night high speed chase according to officers.

They attempted to stop a motorcycle (originally near S. Street in Eureka) for it’s expired tags. The driver would then lead police on a chase through town, on and off the interstate, putting public safety at risk. According to Brittany Powell, the spokesperson for EPD, the driver did stop briefly on F street. At that point a female passenger jumped off the bike and fled on-foot. She was never captured. Neither was the driver, who disappeared on to Highway 101 South from Samoa Boulevard.

Eureka Police are following up on what they know about the motorcycle at it’s plate number. CHP and Arcata Police have also been alerted.