A peak behind bars: “Coffee with Corrections” brings citizens inside the Humboldt County Jail

EUREKA, CA., (KIEM)- Nearly 40 Humboldt County residents got a rare opportunity Saturday morning. They stepped inside the Humboldt County Jail. Not as inmates, but as guests for “Coffee with Corrections.”

Attendees called it an eye opening experience: touring the jail, and learning about what correctional officers are up against. Officers are responsible for about 70 inmates each, and one visitor said she was impressed by their dedication.

Here’s how Sheriff Billy Honsal described the weekend event:

“We’re doing this to try and increase public education and awareness of what we do here at the correctional facility. People drive by every day on 4th and 5th street, and they don’t know what goes on behind these walls. We’ve got some great programs and some great staff it’s all about rehabilitation, and so unless you actually see it for yourself you don’t know all the great things that are going on here.”